About the Site

Welcome to Health and Fitness Advice

Our Fitness Tips will provide you with all kinds of useful info that can be incorporated into workouts.  From time to time, we will give you our recommendations on everything from supplements to equipment, foods, and apparel.  I also post videos of myself and my clients working out and using techniques that everyone can use and benefit from.  Watch a couple of videos and you’ll realize that I practice what I preach and preach what I practice.

The Healthy Skeptic features will come at you from a more opinionated angle and allow me to wax poetic on a wide range of topics – sports, current issues in health and fitness, performance-enhancing drugs, etc – and I will regularly challenge what is allowed to pass for the prevailing wisdom in the field of health and fitness.

We encourage you to use this site as a resource for your own health and fitness needs.

Be healthy.

Sal Marinello & The Health and Fitness Advice Team