Despite what we’ve been told by the doomsayers masquerading as public health officials, Americans are healthier and living longer than ever before.

According to the numbers provided by the Center for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics, life expectancy in America is at a record high of 77.9 years.  The dire predictions we’ve heard about today’s kids being so fat that they will be the first generation to have a shorter life span than their parents isn’t supported by facts.

The CDC’s report makes it quite clear that every year children are living longer and are healthier than ever before, and the “early death by fat” and “unhealthy kids” predictions are nonsense.

Here are some highlights of the CDC’s report.

  • Life span has increased dramatically
  • The mortality rate (deaths per thousand) is half of what it was 60 years ago when there were 15.3 deaths per thousand, versus the current rate of 8
  • For the first time ever life expectancy of black males is 70 years
  • Three out of every four deaths occur in the elderly
  • The most common cause of death among people 15-44 years are from accidents, mostly thanks to motor vehicles
  • Under 24 years of age the second leading cause of death is homicide
  • When researchers controlled for homicides and accidents, the United States has the highest life expectancy in the world

This report also revealed a decrease in deaths from the traditional common killers by the following percentages.

  • Heart disease 4.7%
  • Cancer 1.8%
  • Strokes 4.6%
  • Diabetes 3.9%
  • Influenza and pneumonia 8.4%
  • Hypertension and hypertensive renal disease 2.7%
  • In all 12 of the 15 main causes for death either went down or remained steady

In a related study the Vital Health Statistics of 2008 found that 90% of Americans said they were in good to excellent health, which is a 2% increase from the prior year.

The predictions of public health officials, complete with the sky is falling rhetoric, are demonstrably false.  Fat isn’t the enemy, Americans aren’t dying young, disease isn’t rampant and kids aren’t on an expressway to an early death.


  1. I don’t think that Obama would really be happy with this because Americans are Unhealth. It’s not like he’s not tring to help make it better it’s the people that should be Unhappy with themselfe first because you come first before any one else..


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