Zumba Workout

If you are like most individuals, you’ve probably tried a variety of different exercise programs and routines in order to maintain a healthy body and stay physically fit – and chances are good that you’ve probably given up on some of them as well.  In fact, you may have even tried different approaches, through videos, […]

About Doorway Pull Up Bars

We all remember having to do pull-ups on the pull up bar in gym class, and many of us hated them.  The truth is, however, that all of our gym instructors were right – pull-ups are one of the best ways to build and strengthen your muscles.  However, as an adult we tend to forget […]

Beginner Pilates

Pilates, like any other exercise style should be undertaken carefully and slowly.  Those who are just starting out should seek the best Pilates exercises for beginners because these exercises will be geared toward strengthening the body in order to perform more complicated routines.  The Pilates workout for beginners gives you a strong foundation for what […]

The Amazing Benefits Of Kettlebell Workouts

One of the latest phenomenon’s taking the exercise world by storm is the kettlebell.  A kettlebell is an iron weight that looks like a bowling ball or a cannonball with a built in handle.  Kettlebell exercises provide many key workout benefits and are proving to be more than just a passing fad.  Since kettlebells work […]

The Ramble – Battlefield Acupuncture, The Biggest Loser, Muscle Power

Information contained in a paper from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Health Professions, Department of Physical Therapy published in the May 2007 edition of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, reveals some interesting info that fitness consumers should be aware of. The paper provides evidence that muscle power […]