Pilates, like any other exercise style should be undertaken carefully and slowly.  Those who are just starting out should seek the best Pilates exercises for beginners because these exercises will be geared toward strengthening the body in order to perform more complicated routines.  The Pilates workout for beginners gives you a strong foundation for what will become a total body workout adding both strength and flexibility in the way only Pilates can.

Pilates for beginners takes a little preparation.  You should wear the proper clothing.  Pilates clothing should (like other exercise clothing) be loose but not easily shifted to avoid clumping, it should breathe to allow the heat from your body to escape, and most of all be comfortable.

It should be said that there is a general falsehood in exercises circles that Pilates is only for women.

Nothing could be further from the truth and many men are taking up Pilates for the beneficial strengthening aspects that also provide maximum flexibility and movement.  Pilates is great for athletes who need to be able to move while being strong and powerful.  The deliberate, slow full-range motion of Pilates gives the body strength without bulk.  The best Pilates for beginners will help individuals understand how Pilates works while still giving good results without over straining the muscles.

Some beginners believe Pilates is similar or interchangeable with yoga practices.  This is not true.  Both disciplines have a basis in the belief that strength without flexibility is bad, they go about their individual practices in much different methods that only appear similar on the surface.  The biggest difference between the two is the focus.  Yoga’s main principle is stretching the body and creating strength from balance and lengthening the muscles, where Pilates focus is strength that is obtained by creating a balance in the body, which in turn just happens to create a long, flexible structure.  For that reason Pilates is even better for athletes than most yoga, although both are wonderfully complementary practices.

Pilates for beginner exercises will develop core muscles that the user will be surprised to learn they even possess.  Such a strengthening of these muscles is what gives Pilates the great reputation for being such a tummy firmer.  In fact, any man looking to develop that much sought after six-pack will be surprised to see how fast Pilates for beginners will produce the desired effect.


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