To meet your body’s energy needs, before, during and after workouts, active people should use carbohydrate gels and energy chews. The Clif Bar family of products offers diverse and high-quality product line of energy foods that not only does the job, but tastes great as well. Despite what you may have heard, carbohydrates are not the devil.

As a matter of fact, carbs are the body’s preferred fuel source and you need to maintain and replenish your carb stores if you want to get the most out of your training sessions. Simply put, if you don’t get enough carbs you won’t be able to get through your workouts and your body won’t recover properly from the rigors of training. Which is why carbohydrate gels and energy chews are important supplements to include into your regimen.

Despite the claims made by the manufacturers of a variety of energy products, carbohydrates are the only substance that is universally recognized as being the key nutrient that can improve performance. Gel shots are a fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of carbs that can be used both before and/or during a session for energy, and after a session to help replenish the body’s carb reserves.

Energy chews offer similar benefits and nutrition as gel shots, but are a little easier to use during long outings. Being that a 3-pack of chews provides 100 calories, it’s easier to track and control your caloric intake – fueling – over time. Shots and chews also provide the body with electrolytes that are substances essential for electrical impulses to travel through the body. But they can’t do their stuff without the help of water; so you have to make sure to keep yourself hydrated in ensure that these great supplements can be most effective. For those of you who are interested in using organic products whenever possible, know that Clif Shots and Bloks Energy Chews are USDA certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).


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