Holiday Eating Guide

I enjoy the simple things in my routine, and I look forward to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. With this in mind, I am struck by how petty and insignificant most day-to-day “problems” really are, especially when it comes to the way we eat. As clients, friends and acquaintances prepared for the […]

The Confusion About Hydration

I am being polite when I say that there is confusion about hydration. The less delicate among us might say that there has been a purposeful effort on behalf of the sport drink industry to spread misinformation about hydration. One of these “less delicate folks” is a fellow by the name of Dr. Tim Noakes […]

Raspberry Ketones: The Latest “No Evidence” Product From the Supplement Industry

Over the past few months, I have been hearing almost constant radio commercials for raspberry ketone weight-loss/fat-burning supplements, with the tag line that they are the miracle fat-burning supplement recommended by Dr. Oz. Can you say, “Scam alert?” The raspberry ketone scam follows the same tired script that has been used by supplement hucksters for […]

The Government Doesn't Need to Force Feed Kids School Lunch

The Lake County school system in Florida is considering installing cameras on their cafeteria trash cans in order to study what foods their students are throwing away. The school system says last year these kids tossed $75,000 worth of vegetables into the trash. The federal government requires by law that students take a healthy lunchtime […]

Holiday Eating Tips – The 4th of July

It’s the Fourth of July and right about now is the time you start to see these annoying Holiday/Barbeque healthy eating tips. You know the drill; avoid chips and dip, diet soda and lite beer, don’t eat buns with your hot dogs and hamburgers, avoid pasta and potato salads especially those made with real mayonnaise. […]

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

You would think making hard-boiled eggs is easy, but it can be tricky. And if you follow the slow-carb diet featured in the book “The Four-Hour Body,” you will eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs. To be honest with you I had never really eaten, or made, a lot of hard-boiled eggs before I read […]

Don't Buy HCG Dietary Supplements

I have written about the nonsensical HCG Diet. It’s barbaric and won’t work. Now the federal government has stepped in to prevent supplement hucksters from selling HCG weight loss supplements. This dreck is sold in various forms and the FDA has issued warning letters to seven companies that sell these products as drops, pellets or […]

Holiday Eating Guide – 2011

The Holidays. The time of year when many people start to stress about eating. What should be an enjoyable experience has become a problems for far too many people. And there is no shortage of meddlesome butt-in-skis who want to tell everyone else how they should eat. Talk about your Scrooges! Bah humbug to all […]

Should I Take Collagen or Hoodia Supplements?

I have long been on the anti-supplement band wagon for a couple of reasons. 1) I don’t like to be scammed and 2) There isn’t any science-based evidence to support the use of the vast, vast majority of supplements. Over at the web site there is a whole lot of debunking going on, and […]

Did Alternative Medicine Have a Negative Impact on Steve Jobs’ Health

In the aftermath of Steve Jobs’ death there has been debate regarding the course of treatment that he chose to treat his cancer. Many people have opined that the original course of action Jobs took, featuring an alternative diet, doomed him and that those closest to him begged him to take advantage of all the […]