How to do a Pull Up When You Can Not Do a Pull Up

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises that you can do, but so many people don’t do them because they can’t do them.  Is Yogi Berra in the hiz-ouse? In this article we are going to explain how to How to do pull-ups for beginners, and how to do pull-ups properly, even if you cannot do […]

Flexibility Exercises Should Be Performed With Movement

Incorporate upper body movements when doing flexibility exercises, use medicine balls and sticks and bend, twist, lean, lunge and squat. The best flexibility routines will get boring. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise, they will get stale if they are overused and/or always performed they same way and same order. You […]

Outdoor Workout Part 2: Squat Thrust Variations With Weighted PVC

Last week I posted part 1 of a workout using my home-made weighted PVC pipe exercise equipment.  In this week’s video I do squat thrust variations with a 40-pound, 3-inch wide PVC pipe weighted with water and stone. It’s really quite easy and inexpensive to make the PVC pipe exercise equipment. The unstable weight of […]

Outdoor Workout: Squat Thrust Variations Using Weighted PVC

When the weather gets nice I try to do as many of my workouts outdoors as possible.  Check out this video where I incorporate PVC pipes, weighted with water and stone, into my calisthenics warm-up. These exercises can be used as a warm-up or as an entire workout and provide a unique training stimulus beneficial […]

Try Mixed a Mixed Distance Shuttle Run Workout

Mixed distance shuttle runs are a great way to improve your conditioning level.  If done properly, they can be much more efficient and effective than other kinds of cardiovascular training, and certainly are better than distance running, jogging or any kind of machine-based cardio. Mixed distance shuttle runs should be an integral part of any […]

Can You Do Hang Cleans?

The hang clean is an incredibly effective exercise that will strengthen everything from your fingers to your toes, and clients of all ages and ability levels will benefit from learning and performing this movement.  Whether or not you work with a personal trainer you should be able to perform hang cleans. These guidelines are provided […]

Use a Descending Repetition Scheme to Build Strength

There is a lot of science – and exponentially more opinions out there – as to the best set/reps scheme to use in order to build strength. And as I’ve said, I’ve used them all both in my workouts and in the workouts of my clients and sports teams. Recently I’ve done a lot of […]

How Do I Do a Circuit Training Workout?

Circuit training is a good way to break out of the workout doldrums.  Circuit training program design is limited only by your imagination and a well-designed circuit can be a challenging, fun and effective way to exercise. Circuits can consist of body weight exercises, resistance training exercises, calisthenics or a combination of all three.  I […]

A Simple Way To Get A Great Workout – The Deck of Cards Workout

There’s a workout program that you can fit in the palm of your hand, use every week, take with you everywhere that you go, that can adapt to any kind of exercises and will provide you with a challenging workout that changes every time you exercise. Interested?  Then come on in and read more… In this […]

Deck of Cards Workout is a Perfect Vacation Workout

The deck of cards workout is one of my all-time favorite workouts, and is the perfect way to exercise while on vacation.  All you need is you and a deck of cards! I’ve been using the deck of cards workout for almost 30 years and have performed an endless string of variations of this great […]