Athletes Need to Stop Jogging on the Boardwalk

I just got back from vacation down at the beautiful New Jersey Shore. No, not the Jersey Shore you see on MTV, but the real New Jersey Shore. The only thing worse than the seeing Snookie in person was the presence of what I call “Painful Joggers” wearing team sport apparel from colleges and high […]

Should You Drink 5-Hour Energy?

Energy drinks are one of the most, if not the most, popular products in the beverage business these days. And anyone who has watched TV or listened to the radio over the past few years has heard about 5-Hour Energy. But the question I have been asked is, “Does it work?” The short answer is, […]

An Exercise For the Scrapheap: Reverse Grip Bench Press

One of the great, stupid, steroid-influenced exercises of all-time is the reverse grip bench press. The exercise had been popular for years among powerlifting types, but was co-opted by body builders and thus became part of the classic, steroid-influenced “Chest Day,” workouts. I hadn’t seen this exercise performed much over the past 15 or so […]

Should I Buy Herbal Testosterone Supplements?

Should I buy herbal testosterone supplements? I hear that question on a regular basis from young guys and adults. The short answer is, “Hell no!” These herbal remedies are just a not-so-sophisticated way of separating people from their hard earned cash, and in this economy nobody can afford to throw their money away. Herbal supplements […]

Should I Do Calf Raises?

Of all of the waste of time exercises that people do in the gym, calf raises and all of its iterations, are probably the worst of all of these exercises. And of all the machine-based exercises, no other machines are as much of a waste of space, iron and cable as the various calf raise […]

Should I Buy the 20-Second Workout?

The “20-Second Fitness” training program is a riff on the legitimate Tabata Interval method of high-intensity training. As a matter of fact, of all of the marketing-driven/created exercise programs that I have encountered over the years the underpinnings of this “20-Second Fitness” program are as solid as you can get. But that doesn’t mean that […]

Don't Buy HCG Dietary Supplements

I have written about the nonsensical HCG Diet. It’s barbaric and won’t work. Now the federal government has stepped in to prevent supplement hucksters from selling HCG weight loss supplements. This dreck is sold in various forms and the FDA has issued warning letters to seven companies that sell these products as drops, pellets or […]

Four Reasons the Little League World Series is Awful to Watch

The Little League World Series stinks. That’s right, stinks. The only reason I’ve watched it this year is to see just how badly baseball is played by kids who are supposed to be good at it. Not only should ESPN be embarrassed for televising it, the 35,000+ fans who pack the stands should be embarrassed […]

Book Review: The Four-Hour Body,

Timothy Ferriss’ Book, The Four-Hour Body” is an interesting, but inconsistent, read that could be subtitled, “Building an Army of Narcissists.” Ferriss covers a lot of well-documented ground, in a sprawling book that covers just about everything you need to know about the body, and engages in a healthy amount of outside-the-box thinking; a rarity […]

Do Power Balance and Irenew Bracelets Work?

One of the hottest gimmicks of the past few years are bracelets and necklaces that are alleged to improve a wide-range of physical functions, including athletic performance. The first brand I ever heard of was the Phiten brand which was made popular by Major League Baseball players. I bought a couple because I liked the […]