Athletes Need to Stop Jogging on the Boardwalk

I just got back from vacation down at the beautiful New Jersey Shore. No, not the Jersey Shore you see on MTV, but the real New Jersey Shore. The only thing worse than the seeing Snookie in person was the presence of what I call “Painful Joggers” wearing team sport apparel from colleges and high […]

The Ramble: More Things You Should Stop Doing in the Gym, Immediately

There is an epidemic sweeping the country these days. No, it’s not the obesity epidemic, or the drug abuse epidemic, or the Glee epidemic. The “Doing Stupid, Waste of Time Stuff in the Gym Epidemic,”is a real problem. Earlier this summer I posted a piece about some of the things that people need to stop […]

Ridiculous Exercises: The Shoulder Shrug

I spend a lot of time in open gyms and see a lot of ridiculous things, things I feel compelled to speak out about, and against. There is so much misinformation, and plain bad information circulating in the mainstream, and in the gym, about fitness and nutrition there is no shortage of subject matter. Recently […]

The Ramble – Battlefield Acupuncture, The Biggest Loser, Muscle Power

Information contained in a paper from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Health Professions, Department of Physical Therapy published in the May 2007 edition of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, reveals some interesting info that fitness consumers should be aware of. The paper provides evidence that muscle power […]

The Ramble: The Sex is Good For You Edition

Recently there’s been great news for all of you randy guys out there, in that we’ve seen research that indicates sex is good for you in a whole bunch of ways.  These aren’t urban legends, or exercises in wishful thinking by male-based research apparatus, this is all stuff I read about on AOL Health and […]

The Ramble: Food, Alli and Xenical, St. John's Wart and Snowboarding

Are you tired of being told what to eat?  I know I am.  The Ramble will cover many bases this week from the weight loss pills Alli and Xenical, the purported herbal remedy St. John’s Wart and the dangers of snowboarding.

The Ramble: Green Asthmatics, Video Games for Health and Anti-Smoking Stuff

The green movement affects asthma medications, researchers are looking at how video games can improve people’s health and there are more reasons to disregard the half-measures in the fight against tobacco. The Heath and Fitness Advice Ramble covers more topics in less space than any other health and fitness publication and with a better sense […]

The Ramble: Exercise and Cancer, ANTM Scam, Vitamin D and More

There’s a lot to cover including how exercise may protect women from breast cancer, how America’s Top Model may have been rigged and why you should relax and enjoy the eats and drinks this Memorial Day.

The Ramble: Chantix, Smoking, Sleep, Asthmatic Olympians and Dove Soap

The Ramble covers interesting stories from the past week, new federal smoking cessation guidelines featuring Chantix, how smoking bans in restaurants keep kids from the nasty habit, a study of Olympians with asthma and Dove soap proves – once again – that you can’t believe anything you see when it comes to the female form.

The Ramble: Anti-Smoking, Breast Feeding, Fit and Fat and Lasik Surgery

Checkout week 2 of The Ramble.  A quick rundown of some of the past week’s interesting health and wellness stories, anti-smoking silliness, breast feeding on the rise, fit and fat and Lasik Surgery. In an effort to keep my verbosity in check, I’m limiting myself to a paragraph or so per topic, which keeps the […]