Raspberry Ketones: The Latest “No Evidence” Product From the Supplement Industry

Over the past few months, I have been hearing almost constant radio commercials for raspberry ketone weight-loss/fat-burning supplements, with the tag line that they are the miracle fat-burning supplement recommended by Dr. Oz. Can you say, “Scam alert?” The raspberry ketone scam follows the same tired script that has been used by supplement hucksters for […]

Dr. Weil Recommends Yo-Yo Dieting

Dr. Andrew Weil, the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine guru (CAM), published a blog post saying that yo-yo dieting is better than “staying fat.” I guess attaining superstar status in the world of CAM gives you the privilege of saying silly, and potentially harmful, things, while maintaining said status. When you get beyond the headline, “Yo-Yo […]

When it’s a Holiday, like the Fourth of July, Eat Whatever You Want

Like clockwork, every holiday, every year we get inundated with these “healthy eating tips,” from nosey, buttinsky do-gooders who want to ruin our fun. There are 365 days in a year and less than 10 real opportunities to enjoy holiday foods/parties, yet these no-fun allowed types can’t leave us alone. These pieces all start out […]

Set a Performance Goal, Not a Weight Loss Goal, To Get Ready for Summer

It’s the time of year when we start to get all the ridiculous, “Get a Bathing Suit Body For the Summer,” articles. I am constantly amazed that this crap gets re-cycled every year in magazines, newspapers and television shows. The same weight loss based garbage every year. I cannot believe editors keep asking for these […]

Five Reasons New Year's Fitness Resolutions Don't Work

New Year’s health and fitness related resolutions – the more involved the worse they are – are bad ideas, so don’t make any. Especially bad are weight-loss based pledges and any kind of plan that involves a fast a furious start covering all things diet and exercise. I may sound like a party-pooper but the […]

The HCG Diet is Barbaric

I have seen a lot of bad diets over the years, but hCG Diet sets the new standard for irresponsibility. If you thought 1000-1200 calories a day was tough to handle, your head will spin – and your stomach will growl – if you try to follow this 500 calorie a day torture test. The […]

Weight Loss Should Not be a Goal

Weight loss should not be the goal of an exercise program or the end result for improving one’s eating habits.  Weight loss should not be used as a measure of fitness or as a way to measure improvement, because losing weight does not, cannot, improve performance. Focusing on weight loss is a massive waste of time […]

Sitting is Hazardous to Your Health

The health consequences of a sedentary life-style have long been recognized. However, researchers are now looking at the relationship between “postural fixity” – time spent sitting and/or standing – and poor health. For well over 50 years there has been an awareness that there is a link between the lack of activity and ill health, […]

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies Get a "Do Not Buy Recommendation"

Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies advertise that thanks to the ingredient appemine people can quickly and easily lose weight by drinking two smoothies per day. In the year 2010 nobody should be impressed but, sadly, people still buy this nonsense. Calorie restriction results in weight loss, so substituting two low-calorie smoothies for two regular meals […]

Why You Should Add A Protein Drink Into Your Daily Routine

Life is hectic.  Whether you’re a student, a parent, a working stiff or a member of any other demographic sometimes life gets in the way of healthy eating habits.  As a result too often people skip meals, usually breakfast, or make bad food choices as they eat on the run.  Skipping meals – especially breakfast […]