Hoodia Weight Loss Supplements Get A Do Not Buy Recommendation

Over the past several years hoodia in all of its various forms – also known as hoodia gordonii – has been hailed as the magic bullet of weight loss supplement that may help end the problem of obesity.  My dear friends, this is pure nonsense. Hoodia and hoodia gordonii comes from a cactus that grows […]

Weight Watchers Endorses McDonalds’ Menu Items

The Food Police in the Land Down Under – actually New Zealand – aren’t happy that Weight Watchers has endorsed a few items on McDonalds’ menu.  Weight Watchers has put their stamp of approval on the Filet of Fish, Chicken McNuggets and Sweet Seared Chili Chicken Wrap, which has sent members of the Food Police […]

Human Growth Hormone and Pro Athletes, Perfect Together

Here is a list of reasons as to why HGH – right now – is the ideal drug for athletes.  With the latest edition of the steroids in sport scandal that involves professional athletes from Major League Baseball, as well as other sports, people need to understand why these supplements are desirable to pro athletes. And […]

New Year’s Resolutions Stink

I hate New Year’s Resolutions.  They aren’t inspirational or motivational and there isn’t anything magical about January 1st that can make anyone start exercising, change eating habits, stop smoking or bring about change in any aspect of life.  If anything New Year’s Resolutions are a recipe for failure and disappointment. So don’t make one. The […]

The Biggest Loser is Bad For Your Health, Part 2

The television show “The Biggest Loser” has little to do with health and fitness, and is far from reality. What it is, is a big business that generates about $100 million per year, business that exploits people and spreads false hope and misinformation about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. The Wednesday November 25 edition of […]

The Biggest Loser is Bad For Your Health, Part 1

An article in the Wednesday November 25th edition of the New York Times, titled “In Reality Show, Health Can Be Lost in Frenzy,” reveals what responsible fitness professionals have said for years, in that the television show, “The Biggest Loser” can be bad for your health and is hardly “reality.” The New York Times front […]

Jillian Michaels' Extreme Maximum Fat Burner Dietary Supplement

It’s bad enough that Jillian Michaels enjoys humiliating the contestants on “The Biggest Loser,” but now Michaels looks to spread her sphere of humiliation by pimping her Extreme Maximum Fat Burner supplement. The supplement industry is great at ignoring research, in that they continue to pump out new brands of nonsensical weight-loss products despite the […]

Valerie Bertinelli's Weight Loss is Incredible

Former television actress and ex-wife of rocker Eddie Van Halen Valerie Bertinelli is in the news because she allegedly lost 50-pounds with the help of Jenny Craig and exercise. The stories being circulated regarding Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss and “bikini body” serve as a great reminder that celebrity weight loss and exercise programs are long […]

Can Acai Berry Help You Lose Weight?

Acai berry is the latest, hottest supplement.  In an industry that’s big on hype and small on performance, the acai berry is the latest in a long line of weight loss supplements that won’t live up to weight-loss marketing claims. The acai berry craze has picked up where the hoodia craze left off.  Hoodia, derived […]

Lipozene Gets a Do Not Buy Recommendation

Lipozene is yet another weight loss supplement that features claims of effectiveness, but falls short when it comes to providing clinical proof. Personal trainers should alert their clients to this sham and consumers should save their money. During a weekend edition of ESPN’s SportCenter I saw a commercial for a weight-loss product called Lipozene. The advertisement […]