Life Fitness and Apple Partner to Create a Musical Treadmill

Music and exercise go hand in hand, and while Life Fitness’s new treadmill won’t play an instrument, it will make your workout much more “music-friendly”… By the end of this year, Life Fitness will start selling an entire line of cardio equipment that will allow users to plug their iPod directly into the machine so […]

A Simple, 30-Minute Sledgehammer Workout

When it comes to sledgehammer training, there’s no need for bells and whistles, fancy workout gear, a whole bunch of fancy exercises to remember, or a notebook to keep track of your workout.  All you need to get the most out of this fitness tip is a sledgehammer, a tree stump, and a half-an-hour… Sledgehammer […]

Golfers! Kettlebell Training Will Add More Yards to Your Drive

To paraphrase, “Weight training is dandy, but kettlebell training is quicker.”  Well, not necessarily quicker, but “dandier” – or is it “quicker?” – as using basic kettlebell training will improve physical fitness and driving distance more than any other method of training. Recently golfers have realized that weight training has its benefits, as guys and […]

Get Plenty of Sleep to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

In addition to being vitally important, rest and recovery during and after exercise are two of the most overlooked and misunderstood variables of a training program. Rest between sets, exercises and workouts is important, as is the amount of nightly sleep a person gets. Research indicates that active folks have an increased need for total […]

Sledgehammer and Kettlebell Workout Routine

Here’s a great 30-minute workout that features my two favorite pieces of fitness equipment – a sledgehammer and a kettlebell – along with push-ups. Not only will this exercise program kick your butt, but you’ll also get to enjoy the great outdoors in the process… You don’t always need to use traditional exercise equipment and training routines […]

Forget How Much Weight You Can Lift, Work On How Much Work You Can Do

Too many people are concerned about how much weight they can lift.  Just as when dealing with body weight, weight lifted has nothing to do with a person’s fitness or capability level… Weight is an obsession, not only when it comes to how much a person weighs, but when dealing with how much a person can lift.  In […]