"Exerecise Must Be Recreation, Mental as Well as Physical"

I’m reading a book about health and fitness – shocker! – and came across this passage. “Man is made with a body containing certain separate parts, each of which must be kept in proper use or the others will suffer. This becomes a troublesome question in complex modern life…Exercise, to produce it’s best effect, must […]

Sprint to Improve Fitness, Speed and Anaerobic Capacity

Sprinting is a very effective and efficient way to improve your fitness level. Over the past several years there there been several studies that support my feeling that sprinting is the only form of running the vast majority of people should do. In the May 2011 edition of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Journal […]

Joggers Make Me Sad

Spring has sprung and with the start of good weather comes the stampede of “Painful Joggers,” pounding the pavement and pounding their joints into submission. Joggers make me sad. Well meaning, hard working folks who have been convinced by a marketing juggernaut to “Just Do It.” These people really think that jogging is not only […]

Set a Performance Goal, Not a Weight Loss Goal, To Get Ready for Summer

It’s the time of year when we start to get all the ridiculous, “Get a Bathing Suit Body For the Summer,” articles. I am constantly amazed that this crap gets re-cycled every year in magazines, newspapers and television shows. The same weight loss based garbage every year. I cannot believe editors keep asking for these […]

Ridiculous Exercises: Seated Chest and Shoulder Press

There are a lot of ridiculous things going on in gyms out there, things I feel compelled to speak out about, and against. This week’s rant will focus on the ridiculousness that is the seated chest and shoulder press, in all inefficient iterations. First of all, anyone who has been a regular (or even semi-regular) […]

Exercising in Trevi, Italy

Whenever on vacation I make it a habit to visit a local gym and over the past 30+ years I have worked out in gyms in Jamaica, Italy, California, Florida, Ohio, Bermuda, Vermont and countless other places. Besides restaurants, there are no better places to really get the local flavor and mix with the natives […]

Four Reasons Not to Make Core Training the Focus of Your Workouts

Over the past decade core training became the new, hot thing in the fitness business, as everyone from coaches to trainers to fitness consumers caught core training fever. But just like so many other trends that have dominated the fitness business, there’s less to the core training panacea than meets the eye. So, as usual, […]

Ridiculous Exercises: The Shoulder Shrug

I spend a lot of time in open gyms and see a lot of ridiculous things, things I feel compelled to speak out about, and against. There is so much misinformation, and plain bad information circulating in the mainstream, and in the gym, about fitness and nutrition there is no shortage of subject matter. Recently […]

Take Extra Time to Warm Up When it's Cold

The term “warm-up” is never as appropriate as when its absolutely freezing cold, miserable weather and you feel like your bones are going to break with every step you take. I hate the winter and I hate the cold, but the only thing that allows me to deal with it is that I have a […]

Leg Circuit Workout

If you want to add some real substance to your training regimen, I highly recommend that you read up on Vern Gambetta’s Leg Circuit Workout. This is is a sophisticated training program and NOT one of those one-size fits all, quick and easy way to improve your fitness level. The Leg Circuit Workout is not […]