According to the results of an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey, the limited availability of qualified personal trainers with a personal training certificate will make these fitness professionals’ careers the hot trend for 2008.

The ACSM has also found that careers in personal training will be a popular service this year, reflecting the public’s recognition of the benefits that trainers offer.

A qualified, properly certified personal trainer can become an important component for anybody’s workout program.  Certified personal trainers can guide you through the potentially intimidating process of learning how to properly perform strength conditioning exercises, design a program that meets your individual needs and provide you with a wide range of helpful fitness tips. Personal trainers offer unprecedented levels of interactivity, something that even the best workout videos cannot provide. 

Even properly certified online personal fitness trainers can provide a higher level of interactivity than offered by workout videos.  The downside of this popularity of personal trainers is that there are people who have completed certification courses and become a personal trainer, but do not provide sufficient instruction. Consumers need to be careful when choosing a personal trainer. 

When looking for a trainer, try to find someone with a certificate from the National Strength and Conditioning Association or American College of Sports Medicine, two organizations that set the standards in the field of strength and conditioning for everybody.  If you visit the NSCA’s site you can search for a certified personal trainer and see if you can find a qualified pro who works in your neck of the woods.

Not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer to work with for every workout.  If this is the case, find a trainer who is willing to act as a consultant to set you up with a program, teach you the exercises and serve as a sounding board and a source for fitness tips.  Really, any certified personal trainer should be glad to work with a client in this manner. So don’t miss out on the hottest fitness trends of 2008, as certified personal trainers and careers in personal training are 2 great investments in health that everyone should make.


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