Circuit training is a great way to develop strength endurance/muscular endurance and also improves work capacity.  Circuit training is very efficient and effective and people at all levels of ability and fitness can benefit from using this method of training.

Circuit training has the added benefit of requiring little – if any -equipment and can be performed in practically any setting. The following circuit training routine is a great general conditioning circuit.  Perform as may repetitions of the strength training exercise in a 30-second period, give yourself 10-seconds to get ready to jump rope and then perform 30-seconds of jump rope.  Repeat this pattern for the 10 exercises.

1) Push-up and jump rope
2) Body-weight squat and jump rope
3) Kettlebell swing and jump rope
4) Body-weight lunge and jump rope
5) Medicine ball chest pass and jump rope
6) Body-weight quick step-ups and jump rope
7) Dumbbell curl and press and jump rope
8) Squat thrusts with dumbbells or Kettlebell dead lifts and jump rope
9) Body-weight lateral lunge and jump rope
10) Body-weight lateral quick step-ups with jump  rope

If you can get through this circuit twice you’ve done a great job.  This is an very time-efficient workout and if you are strict with your timing this workout can be completed in less than 30-minutes and is all that you need to do in a single workout.

Give circuit training a try and you will improve your strength endurance and work capacity.


  1. Sal
    Really enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the apprentorship. Enjoyign a little R&R on the gulf of mexico, not usre why i am not out fishing and sitting here playing on my laptop. I love circuits. Haha, did one in the heat of the garage 2 days ago..yikes. A pretty cool program I like to use when i am working out alone or with my family (and sometimes with my athletes, is workout muse. .. i particularly like the app for the ipod touch. i like music when i workout and it is set up beautifully for circuits- can set the work to rest ratio how ever i want it and will get an audible feed back of when to begin, halfway, rest time…keeps the pace up very nicely… similiar to the circuit trainer we used at apprentorship, just less expensive and more personal….
    another tool i have used with some success is taking the circuit principal and using it with a density concept
    pick 4 or 5 movements- squat, push, pull, brace rotate- i like to use with resistance- choose weights that are approx 10 rep max and work at 6-8 reps, only resting as much as needed, really trying to push the pace, move from 1 movement to the next, working for 20 min and trying to average 1 set per minute…therefore density- 20 sets in 20 minutes with good reistance- give it a shot


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