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Deck of Cards Workout is a Perfect Vacation Workout

  • Jacks are 11 reps
  • Queens are 12 reps
  • Kings are 13 reps
  • Aces are 15 reps
  • Jokers – if you have them in the deck – are good for 20 repetitions
  • For every red card turned you do push-ups – for the King of Hearts you do 13 push-ups
  • For black cards you do body weight squats – for the five of Clubs you’ll do 5 squats.
  • Each suit of cards contains 105 repetitions T
  • The extra 20 reps come from the Jokers
  • Once you’re familiar with these guidelines you can make any adjustment that you see fit.  No matter how you slice it – or cut it – the deck of cards workout will challenge even the fittest.



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