That’s a harsh headline, but it does grab attention. And I think I’ve already used, “Diets Don’t Work.” But really, it’s true, diets suck and they don’t work.

The problem is the Dieting Industrial Complex has created a massive $50 billion a year market for diets by promoting and selling the message that people are incapable of feeding themselves. The major “eating problem” people have is that they don’t know how to eat and have lost touch with the innate ability for demand feeding. Thanks to the diet industry.

Demand feeding is one of those concepts that people – even those who haven’t been ruined by dieting – have a hard time coming to grips with. Demand feeding is simply eating when you are hungry, not when the clock says, not when a diet plan says, not when your family says, but when your stomach says. If demand feeding seems like a foreign concept, you’ve been tainted by the Dieting Industrial Complex.

The diet hucksters have done a great job of screwing up the psyche of the American public because the idea of eating when you are hungry – and not eating when you are not hungry – is considered to be wrong and or not possible. How many times have you eaten because other people were eating and NOT because you were hungry?

The tenets of dieting have worked their way into our culture and people who never “diet” have had their eating habits affected. If you eat because you think you have to or because it’s time to eat, but aren’t hungry, the Dieting Industrial Complex has gotten to you.

Listen to your biological clock, not the time clock or some diet guru, and you will find your unique hunger pattern. I have had clients and friends show me with elaborate diets designed by all kinds of holistic, organic nutritional “experts.” These diets were supposed represent the pinnacle of health, when in reality they were doing more damage and preventing people from doing something that is as natural as breathing; eating what you want when you are hungry. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

To paraphrase Browning, “Diets, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…”


  1. You must be enjoying your blessed plumpness, then. Only the hype makes diets work. The real bottom line is the user. You don’t take aspirin to get rid of a nasty cold unless you get out of the environment that is causing it. Dieting programs don’t work unless your lifestyle will make it work.


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