I have written about the nonsensical HCG Diet. It’s barbaric and won’t work. Now the federal government has stepped in to prevent supplement hucksters from selling HCG weight loss supplements. This dreck is sold in various forms and the FDA has issued warning letters to seven companies that sell these products as drops, pellets or sprays.

HCG is a legit substance, and is used to treat infertility. However, there is zero evidence that HCG offers any weight loss benefits. It is sad how gullible and/or desperate some people are that they would attempt to follow the HCG “diet” and spend money on these supplements that have no purpose.

The HCG diet forces people to subsist on 500-calories per day, which isn’t a diet but managed starvation. It takes a lot of chutzpah to make the claim that a supplement is responsible for weight loss on a 500-calorie per day diet. The HCG diet and supplement scam is a great illustration of why you must be suspicious of all diets and supplements, especially at this time of year.

The scammers are out there waiting for the opportunity to separate you from your hard earned money, as they offer the latest panaceas. With the new year right around the corner, the Diet and Supplement Industrial Complex is gearing up to take advantage of the New Year’s Resolution types out there.


  1. I took the hcg diet program for the recommended 40 day period. I saw astounding results. However, you would be surprised how much food five hundred calories is, when you are eating the correct things. I was allowed to eat half of a grilled chicken breast which has been trimmed of fat, one cup of a vegetable(usually cucumbers, but only as a personal preference) and an apple. That and the recommended two quarts of water a day, and I felt energetic and refreshed. I’m not a spokes person or anything, but I believe if you use the diet the way you are supposed to, and not cheat on it, you will feel perfectly fine and feel results. Also I do agree that it shouldn’t be bought on a whim. I was prescribed the drug by my doctor after she carefully went over how everything works, and made sure I knew the risks. I agree, its not a forever solution, but it was enough to give me the confidence to try other ways of weight loss, because I finally believed I could do it.


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