Over the past month the issue of the National Debt Ceiling has dominated the headlines, as our government has tried to come to grips with its profligate spending, the damage that’s been done to our economy and the country’s credit rating.

As with pretty much everything it touches, the government has really screwed things up. So it’s scary that the powers-that-be have been making noises about the country’s obesity situation and are dropping not-to-subtle hints that the government is willing to play a major role in telling people what they can and cannot eat.

Is the establishment of a “National Fat Ceiling” in our future? I think this is a reasonable concern. We don’t want the government in our kitchens and pantries. It can’t figure out how to deliver mail, it can’t balance our national check book, it can’t figure out how to improve our educational system, it created more confusion with the ill-fated “Food Pyramid,” and the beat goes on.

There are few things that would be as invasive in our everyday lives as a National Fat Ceiling, where the government sets body-weight/body fat goals for us, dictates the amount and type of calories we can eat, and makes rules about how food must be prepared. Government bureaucrats surely have the same likelihood of being over-weight and under-exercised as members of the private sector.  

Do these government busy-bodies have perfect diet and exercise habits? Doubtful. Let’s do whatever we can to keep the government out of our kitchens. Even if there is a “crisis,” why would anyone think that the government could help make things better.  Seriously. It’s not like you’re being menaced on a dark street and a cop comes along to save the day. That’s different story.  

We don’t need a (probably fat) government agents walking into our houses and slapping chocolate chip cookies out of our hands. An ominous sign; the Harvard genius who says parents of obese kids should lose custody of their children. This is a scary dude. This is stuff that could have come from the eugenics sickos in Nazi Germany.

I don’t know what would be worse to have a government half-wit tell us how to eat or an Ivy League elite determine if parents can keep custody of their kids. Over the past decade or so there has been an attempt to stop people from being judgmental. However, this courtesy doesn’t seem to be extended to those who are considered to be over-weight.

The First Lady has embarked on a program that is stigmatizing young kids who are overweight, but it’s for their own good, right? This is just a phony emergency that’s being used as an opportunity to increase the government’s overreach into our lives. Can we stop this runaway train?


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