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Exercise Helps Women Deal With Certain Symptoms of Menopause


  1. Hear, hear! I wonder if the biggest anti-exercise “force” might be sedentary jobs. (Watching TV is a close second — you can throw away your TV but it’s harder to quit your job.) At times I’ve worked jobs that had me sitting down 8 hrs. a day and they always leave me exhausted come quitting time. Whereas jobs that have me moving around don’t make me so tired. Last summer it just so happened I worked in a warehouse for 2 weeks, on my feet 8 hrs. a day, constantly walking, lifting, carrying. But when I went home each day I felt pretty good. Then switched to a sitting job (desk, computer, phone) — and it was the second type of job that left me feeling more tired. Isn’t that weird? If I’m right that sedentary jobs leave a person feeling beat, I bet lots of people think, “Sure adding some exercise to my life would probably be great, but I just don’t have the energy.” When actually getting a little workout would, I’m sure, make them feel more engergized, not less. Nu!

  2. great point…it’s a vicious cycle of inactivity, lack of energy and more inactivity.
    i’m a big believer in the philosophy that people got fatter in large part because they got less activity as we became more industrialized.


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