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Exercise Mandate Proposed By England's Chairman of Health

F. Paul Wilson did.  Check him out. The paternalists can yell and scream all they want about the evils of fat and tobacco, but the bottom line is that exercise is the only bona fide, guaranteed, researched-backed method to improve health. But this isn’t the point. It’s also good for people to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night, so should the government start conducting bed checks?  Will Professor LeGrand propose that the government force his fat and sleepy countrymen to get between the sheets at 11pm?  What’s the next bad habit that the government will set its sights on? What’s the next choice that the authorities will make for us and that the populace will willingly give up? Professor LeGrand and his cronies can dress this proposal in whatever clothing that they choose, but the bottom line is that the government is, and has been, taking away people’s choices. Next up is mandatory exercise. What other habits will people have to take up at the behest of the authorities? And the bottom line is that if the governments of the world were really concerned with the public’s health they would outlaw tobacco.  Not just take the wimp move of banning smoking.  But declare tobacco illegal.  If tobacco is a killer the governments that have been trying to protect “us” should ban it. But governments are feckless, especially in the face of tobacco money.  Or in the case of banning tobacco, lost tobacco money. So they grandstand and pretend to care.  Unfortunately, people have let governments have their way with them for so long that they’ve lost their will to fight, been lulled into thinking that they actually need Big Brother. So in the end, people will continue to get fat and out of shape.  They will smoke cigarettes purchased with a Smoker’s Permit and eat fried foods, until the government bans those habits, and maybe even walk on government-issue treadmills following government-designed cardio programs. Things won’t get any better. The people have spoken and want to be led down this path.  It’ll take some kind of upheaval to change this course.



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