The ubiquitous “Get Ripped in 4 Weeks” Internet-based nutritional supplement boondoggle is designed to separate you from your money under the guise of developing your physique.  Force Max is one of the nostrums that provide the basis for this blarney.

Before you scroll down on the “Get Ripped in 4 Weeks” web site we’re told, “Force Max is for dudes who want to look like real men,” “Become the ideal man,” and that Force Max is, “A real man’s solution.” Yet besides a mention of Acai Berry, we’re given little information about the ingredients in this “Get Ripped in 4 Weeks” supplement.

NOTE: Ignore any contextual ads on this page for this kind of garbage. If you click on the ad, or buy the product, that’s your bad.

Only if you go all the way down to the footer of the home page will you see the link, “Supplement Facts” in small print.  Clicking on this link takes you to a page that tells us that Force Max contains chromium, and a blend that contains Resveratrol,  green tea extract, 50% hydroxycitric acid, acai berry, gymnema, sylvestre extract and guarana.

Classic nonsense. 

Some of these products may do something, others do nothing. Only someone trying to sell something would attempt to make the case that any of these ingredients will get you ripped in 4 weeks.

Chromium has been around forever and has yet to yield any bona fides from legit research.  Resveratrol is one of the new hyped supplements.  No matter what you’ve heard, there’s very little information that Resveratrol has any effect on humans. 

The buzz is based on something called, “The French Paradox,” that attempts to explain how the French have lower mortality rates from heart disease despite consuming a diet high in saturated fats thanks to their copious consumption of red wine.  Resveratrol  is found in grapes and red wine.

The other ingredients can be found individually and in countless other products on the shelves and web pages wherever supplements are sold, none are panaceas, most will do little and all of them will cost you less from these other sources. So stay away from Force Max and ignore the notion that anyone can get ripped in 4 weeks.


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