Last week I signed up for the FRS Energy Drink Free Trial and started using the orange flavored concentrate Tuesday February 9.  I will chronicle my experiences with this Quercetin and vitamin-fueled energy drink and post the details on a regular basis.  I will provide you with my observations and impressions of FRS Energy Drink and if I don’t like it, I will tell you just as if I do.

I have tried many energy products over the years and the only products of this kind that I found to be effective – and have used with any regularity – are a couple of different varieties of carbohydrate gels and even though it isn’t marketed as such, Gatorade.

I have also used foods such as granola bars, protein shakes, and all kinds of meal replacement bars before and during training sessions in order to keep my energy reserves filled.  My problem is that I do not love the feeling of having anything in my stomach beyond liquid, which is why I have used Gatorade and carbohydrate gel.

The pitch for the FRS Energy Drink appealed to me enough to compel me to sign up for the trial offer even though the research on Quercetin hasn’t served up any bona fides as to its effectiveness.  I’m looking for energy without the volume of food.

So the FRS trial package arrived at my gym last week – the 32 ounce bottle of the orange flavored concentrate, a bag of energy chews, a measuring cup and a metal, thermos-like bottle.  Included in the package was a bevy of informational/promotional materials that provide more info than you’ll probably care to know about Quercetin and FRS.  However, this is a welcome change from so many of the products that are advertised these days.

FRS comes in concentrate form, so I poured 2 ounces into the measuring cup, 6 ounces of water in the FRS thermos bottle with some ice chips and shook it up.  The concentrate has a pretty strong smell of orange and vitamins.  The flavor wasn’t too bad.  A little artificial tasting with a bit of an aftertaste, all in all better than other energy drinks I’ve tasted but not as good as Gatorade.

The instructions that came with the FRS advise that the benefits provided by Quercetin and the energy drink may not be evident from the first use, and I did not feel any overt boost from my first batch of FRS.  I also did not exercise on this day, so I cannot speak to any effects FRS may have had on my workout.

The second day of my FRS experiment we were hit with a blizzard and I wasn’t able to get to the gym.  I did, however, take my FRS a few minutes before I headed out for some snow-shoveling/snow blowing.  For what it’s worth, I felt totally energetic during this non-traditional, but totally functional workout.  There was at least 8 inches of snow on the ground and I have a lot of driveway and walkway to clear. Despite not having had anything to eat for 2 or 3 hours, I had no trouble getting the job done and felt good doing it.

It’s certainly too early to say whether or not my FRS experiment will be a success.  I’m a little concerned about the taste and I want to see how I feel when I use FRS immediately prior to a workout and as a refueling agent between the resistance training and swimming segments of my workouts.

I will report back to you after I get through the rest of the week, and two or three more workouts.  If you want try it yourself, click here for your free trial.  Please send me feedback through posting a comment so that other readers can benefit as well.

UPDATE: Please read my FRS Energy Drink Log, Part II


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