A few weeks ago I signed up for the FRS Healthy Energy Drink free trial offer because the drink contains Quercetin, an ingredient that has shown some promise in legit research.   I will chronicle my experiences with the drink and post the details here on a regular basis.

I will tell you about my experiences and impressions of the product and if I don’t like it, I will tell you.  And if I do like it, I’ll let you know as well.

Last Thursday I drank my FRS before my workout and after I had cleaned up my driveway and walkway in the aftermath of a 15-inch blizzard.  I ate a good breakfast before I did my shoveling and snow blowing, but I don’t like filling up my belly before a workout, so I drank my 8-ounces and wondered if the Quercetin would be able to provide me with enough energy to get through my explosive exercise training routine.

As I mentioned in my first entry, FRS provides you with everything you need to make using the drink as easy as possible.  In the trial package I received 32-ounces of the FRS concentrate, a 2-ounce mixing cup and thermos that holds around 12-ounces.  They included a package of their energy chews as well, and I will tell you about them a little later. 

Mixing up a batch is simple; pour 2-ounces of the concentrate into the mixing cup, add it to about 6-ounces of water in the thermos provided and shake it up. I am still not in love with the way the orange flavored FRS energy drink tastes.  To me, it has a very distinctively artificial flavor that I’m assuming comes courtesy of the Sucralose. 

There are some people who are virulently anti-Sucralose on the basis that it’s some kind of health threat, I’m anti-Sucralose strictly from a taste standpoint. However, if the Quercetin-fortified FRS Energy Drink delivers on its promise of providing ample energy without the crash, I’ll probably get over my issues with taste. 

FRS contains a fraction of the caffeine used in other energy drinks – the amount contained a third of a cup of coffee (35mgs) – which I guess is why I haven’t experienced a post-drink crash. This was the first time that I drank FRS before a training-session, and while I didn’t feel any overt burst, I certainly had enough energy to successfully complete a 90-minute workout  that included a 15-minute warm up, three explosive lifts (dumbbell split jerks, one-arm swings and high pulls), pull-ups and 8, 60-yard shuttles completed in 13-seconds with 47-seconds of rest in between. 

I supplemented the 8-ounces of FRS with 2 of their energy chews. 

The chews are similar in taste and texture to a lemon-lime Starburst and did not have the same less-than-ideal taste of the liquid. The big test will be the next time I hit the gym and perform both resistance-training and swimming in the same workout.  I plan on drinking the FRS before my workout and before I get into the pool.  Check back for my next installment. If you want to try it yourself, click here for the free trial.


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