My Quercetin Experiment continues and it has two weeks since I signed up for the FRS Healthy Energy Drink trial offer.  Quercetin is an ingredient that has shown some promise in legit research in providing energy in a low-calorie package.   I will chronicle my experiences with the drink and post the details here on a regular basis (see part 1 and part 2 of my log).

I will tell you about my experiences and impressions of FRS Energy Drink and if I don’t like it, I will tell you.  And if I do like it I’ll let you know, as well. Last weekend I put FRS through the paces.  I had been using it for a regular basis for a week and headed to the gym for a rigorous workout that consisted of “The Deck of Cards Workout,” which I’ve written about on the site, followed by a 20-minute swim.

I drank my 8-ounce FRS before my workout and mixed another batch to take with me to drink after I completed the Deck of Cards, before I jumped in the pool.  As I’ve mentioned, the FRS trial package includes a 2-ounce mixing cup and thermos that can hold about 12-ounces of liquid, along with a 32-ounce bottle of concentrate in a low-cal orange flavor.

The recommended mix is 6-ounces of water with 2-ounces of concentrate, and I like to add a few ounces of ice chips to make it colder and help it taste better.  As I’ve mentioned, the Sucralose-flavored FRS doesn’t taste great and has a bit of an aftertaste, as well.  But if FRS Healthy Energy lives up to its billing, the taste won’t be much of a problem.

So back to my workout.

For a warm-up I jumped rope for 15-minutes and ran through a quick dynamic flexibility routine. The Deck of Cards workout consist of doing body-weight squats (black cards) and push-ups (red cards) with the flip of the cards – after a good shuffle – determining the order and repetitions for the exercises.  For the number cards, do the number on the card (duh!), for the Jack do 11 reps, Queen 12 reps, King 13 reps, Ace 15 reps and Joker is 20 reps.

It’s over 240 reps of each exercise and is a challenge for people of all fitness levels. I had not done this workout in about a year so it took a more time than usual – 30-minutes – and was a challenge.  But I will say I did feel energetic – was it the FRS or am I just in good shape? – that’s the problem with knowing how these drinks work.  But I was beat after my cool down and had second thoughts about jumping in the pool as I sat down in front of my locker as I started to change.

Fortunately, I had my FRS Energy Drink ready to go.

I had to make the effort to get into the pool, but once I was there I did feel my energy level pick up and was able to complete my 20-laps in the usual time. The verdict is that I completed a pretty difficult workout that I had not done in a while, and despite feeling the effects of the workout, I had the energy to complete the workout in a manner consistent with my past performances.

While I did not feel an overt energy boost, I certainly was able to power through a workout that I did not feel I had the energy for. Even though I am not in love with the taste, I think it’s worth continuing my experiment with the low-calorie orange FRS Healthy Energy Drink.  Check back to get my feedback as I continue my FRS Energy Drink trial.


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