It’s been about a month since I signed up for the FRS Healthy Energy Drink introductory program and have been writing about my experiences with this Quercetin-fueled elixir.  What interested me in this energy drink is that Quercetin is an ingredient that has shown some promise in early research and possibly can provide energy in a low-calorie package.

UPDATE: I wrote this log in real time so in reality it has been over three months since I started my FRS Energy Drink experiment. As of June 1, 2010 I am still using FRS and pay for the drink concentrate and chews with my own money every month.

I started using FRS Healthy Energy Drink back in early February and a couple of weeks ago my wife started using it, too.  Where I had a bit of an issue with the taste of the low-calorie orange flavor – sweetened with Sucralose – my wife says she doesn’t think FRS has a bad taste or aftertaste.  What I will say is that I do not have as much of an issue with the taste now that I’ve been using the energy drink for about a month.

I have used FRS before every workout I have done since February 9 and have found that under a wide-variety of circumstances, moods and workouts my energy levels have been sufficient to get me through the sessions.  As I’ve written before, I have used a variety of traditional and non-traditional foods and drinks to give me an energy boost for my workouts; Gatorade, Snickers, granola, food bars, carbohydrate gels and nuts.  I found that FRS worked as well, or better, than any of these items.

There are a couple of issues to consider with regard to my feelings that FRS was effective.  There is always the possibility that the Placebo Effect could be responsible for my feeling that FRS worked.  However, I have also used other products, some of which did and some which didn’t work.  So in my unscientific, anecdotal experience I feel that FRS did make a difference in my workouts.  Another factor to consider is that since I was taking FRS with the express purpose of writing a product review I paid more attention to how I felt and maintained a strict schedule and didn’t miss a dose.

The FRS Healthy Energy Drink is a viable option for people who are looking for a pre-workout energy boost without the calories and jitters that can come from using other brands of energy drinks.  After using the drink for a month, I recommend signing up for the FRS Energy Drink trial offer.


  1. Hey, Sal. Not sure if you get this personally, but I too -like your wife – found the aftertast of FRS displeasing. My wife and I Googled around and found a competing energy drink made by ISOsport Nutrition. They have a Sustained Energy Drink that we buy and love. It is very similar to FRS, but offers better levels of Quercetic and B vitamins and Isomaltulose. It tastes better than FRS to us and is less expensive…like $5.00 less per bottle. Maybe they’ll raise their price someday, but for now it’s a great drink and really seems to offer us healthy sustained energy. We buy it from as I don’t think they are in any stores yet.


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