This week I’m honored to have as my guest video blogger MizFitOnline, one of the most influential bloggers on the Internet.


This topic wasn’t originally my plan for today’s Monday Facetime—-but I couldn’t get your comments on this post out of my head.

I was touched, saddened, heartened, inspired and, honestly, shocked  by the stories you shared.

The comment-snippets below sparked the above Facetime.

I’d be honored if you’d make the time to share your thoughts so we can compile an uplifting commentversation thread.

Last week’s comments (while entirely what I’d asked for and quite powerful) verged on sad.

I know we may not come up with one answer (as per the last comment below) but at least we’ll have a start.

I would love a tip post, Miz. How I can not duplicate in my children how I feel.

what I want my daughter to take into the rest of her life is that healthy and strong is beautiful. DD should find an activity she’s good at and enjoys, and then get out there and kick butt… .

I wanted to share that in your video when you said that your daughter would be enough just being who she is I cried a little. That’s all I ever wanted.

I think you may be correct that there is no one answer—-Id love to try and find one. Will you address this again?


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