The fourth week (I didn’t post one week) of the 20 repetition set of squats workout was brutal.  Jill did a great job once again, Jill handling 135-pounds.

However, I think my effort is better.  Hey, it’s my site!  Anyway, for my 2-minutes of hell, as I did 20 reps with 300-pounds at a body weight of 206-pounds.  The workout was done on February 19, 2009 at approximately 11:30AM, which means I’m about 46 and a-half years old.

This week was the toughest yet.  For some reason the number “300” weighed heavily on my mind (pun intended) and my heart was racing even before I stepped into the rack to begin my set.  I took my time warming up and got a good sweat going.  My preparation consisted of jumping rope for about 5-minutes, a 10-minute dynamic and explosive flexibility session and about seven warm-up sets consisting of no more than 5 repetitions each before digging in and going for the 20 reps at 300-pounds.

With a workout of this magnitude nutrient and supplement timing is very important.  I use creatine on a regular basis, and on my 20-rep set days I take a dose about 2 hours before my workout and combine another dose with a serving of whey protein about 30-minutes prior.  Since I also swam after the squats, I took a shot of carbohydrate gel before I jumped in the pool. Then I sat in the hot tub, steam room and sauna and had another whey protein/creatine shake (with water, yuk!).

There is no doubt that timing my nutrient and supplement intake has had a huge effect on my performance and has mitigated post-workout soreness.

So that’s it for this week.  After doing this workout four times I’m feeling great.  The 20-rep set of squats workout is one of those things that I hate doing, but love that I did it.  There are only two more workouts to go.

I can’t wait until it’s over!


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