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How Long Does it Take to Burn Calories in a Piece of Cheese Cake?

improvement in fitness.  If you firmly believe that the scale is an accurate way to measure health and fitness move along and go watch re-runs of “The Biggest Loser” while doing some low-intensity cardiovascular exercise. I want people to have fun eating, drinking and exercising and as a result make positive associations between the three.  I love hearing my very fit and capable clients and friends talking about how much they enjoyed a meal, party or workout – or all three – and sharing stories with them about food, drink and exercise.  This approach – moderation in all aspects of life – is one of the major reasons that 90% of my clients have been with me for 8 years or longer and my newest clients have enjoyed an incredible improvement in their fitness level.   My clients recognize that I practice what I preach, which further reinforces my message. So ignore the folks who are concerned with burning off cookies or any foods that you enjoy eating, you’ll be fine.  Have fun, it’s the holidays.



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