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Human Growth Hormone and the Current State of Research

www.ClinicalTrials.gov and search the data base for studies being done with HGH and you’ll find studies are being conducted to see if HGH can be used to combat aging, diabetes, broken bones, juvenile arthritis, obesity, heart failure and polycystic ovary syndrome among other conditions. There is overwhelming evidence that the drug companies are actively looking for other applications for HGH, and that there is reason to believe that in the near future there will approvals for HGH to be marketed for off-label purposes, in addition to HGH being approved for other specific uses.  Too much money is being spent on research to think that this orphan drug is just going to languish on the periphery of medical treatments.  There have been too many promising results from these efforts to think otherwise. The fact that all of this research is being done makes it hard to take seriously the claims put forth by the anti-HGH folks that the use of this hormone poses a grave health risk.  When you consider that HGH has already been shown to be safe for kids, a huge hurdle has been cleared in the efforts of pharmaceutical companies to gain approval for HGH for other uses in the rest of the population, especially since the reported adverse affects of HGH are relatively benign. As a matter of fact, the drug companies must love all of the attention that HGH is getting from the media as they cover the performance-enhancing drugs in baseball story.  I think it’s safe to say that the coverage given to HGH over the past year or so has most likely increase demand for this hormone.  And understanding the economic dynamic in play, getting HGH approval for a wide range of treatments will serve as a windfall for pharmaceutical companies. It will be interesting to see how the feds actually treat the anti-aging clinics that are involved with dispensing both HGH and testosterone for anti-aging or age-management purposes.  The high-profile clinics that engage in this course of treatment now produce marketing materials that toe the line with regard to statements that deal with how HGH and testosterone are prescribed.  Rather than make the drugs the centerpiece of the treatment regimen, age-management clinics are careful to say that HGH is prescribed only after evidence-based medical data and private consultations with physicians indicate that hormone therapy is warranted. The reality is that there aren’t any over-the-counter supplements or exercise and diet regimens that can add pounds of lean muscle to the frame of a 60-year old man.  But for now, these clinics and the feds will continue the dance to make it look as if everything is being done by the book. But the inevitable is already here.  HGH is being used for anti-aging purposes.  Men of all ages are taking HGH legitimately and illegitimately and will continue to do so.  The only change to this situation will be when the FDA changes the rules and allows HGH to be prescribed for anti-aging and/or allows the hormone to be subjected to off-label marketing.  It’s a matter of when, and not if, this will happen. There’s too much money at stake for HGH therapy to be relegated to obscurity. Right or wrong, good or bad, Pandora’s Box has been opened and there is a great deal of interest from a large segment of the population to gain access to HGH therapy.  All of the regulation that our government can muster will not quell the tide or reduce the demand for greater HGH access, and the biotech and pharmaceutical companies have too much at stake to not let hormone therapy be available to the masses. In the next installment of this series looking at HGH, I’ll tell you why over-the-counter HGH supplements don’t and can’t work.  In the meantime, trust me and stop spending your money on this junk.


  1. I could not care LESS about narcissistic old geezers trying to stay young. I have a grandson who will be 11 years old this August, and he may not reach 4ft at maturity. He looks like a 7 year old, and I want to know how much the HGH costs and where my family can find help in paying for it. Yes, he is under Dr.’s care. We just want to know what this will cost over a period of 3 or 4 years so the family can help. Thank you.

  2. I am a very active and healthy 33 year old. I crushed my tibia very badly (30-40 peices) and broke my fibula in a ski accident. After 3 surgeries (2 bone grafts, 22 screws, 3 plates) and 8 months of patience/ rehab I am still on crutches not really knowing how much longer. I train (climb, cycle, lift, yoga, soccer) year around primarily for a very high level of skiing. I wonder if HGH could be a healing option for me?


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