Hydroxycut, in it’s many formulations, has been one of the most popular and lucrative weight-loss supplements on the market for years.  Over the past 7 years there have been 23 cases of liver-related problems for Hydroxycut users, which resulted in the recall of this product.

Hydroxycut represents all that is bad with the weight-loss branch of the dietary supplement industry, where products are long on hype and short on results, and for years has played fast and loose with facts and science in the efforts to pimp their product.  I’ve written several articles that deal with the questionable pedigree of their “active ingredients” to the exploitative nature of their advertisements.

The current recall of the latest formulation of Hydroxycut serves as a great illustration of the problems with how the supplement industry is allowed to operate.  If you go to the Hydroxycut web site you are redirected to HydroxycutInformation.com, which gives us information regarding the product recall. The remarkable aspect of this story is that there is no information with regard to what ingredient(s) is responsible for causing liver damage in users. 

Due to the laissez faire way dietary supplements are regulated the authorities are as in the dark as to the cause of the trouble as are consumers. The lesson to be learned here is to stay away from all weight loss supplements.  This circumstance serves as a great reminder that real science does not support the use of this entire family of nutritional supplement, and that consumers are better off not wasting money buying Hydroxycut or any other weight loss supplement.


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