Energy drinks are one of the most, if not the most, popular products in the beverage business these days. And anyone who has watched TV or listened to the radio over the past few years has heard about 5-Hour Energy. But the question I have been asked is, “Does it work?”

The short answer is, “Caffeine is a major ingredient, so of course it works.” But is this really the case and is 5-hour Energy, beneficial, better for you and more enjoyable than a cup of fresh coffee? My first response to anything that is a product of the hype machine is skepticism but sometimes I give in a little bit and try the product in question.

IMHO, 5-Hour Energy tastes god-awful and I will never, ever use it again. So I do not care if its benefits as pimped by the advertisements are legit. I ain’t letting that swill touch my lips ever again. If you are so inclined, there are plenty of pleasurable and good tasting delivery systems for caffeine, and so when I am so inclined I will seek out these product.

The good folks over at have done a great job deconstructing 5-Hour Energy, and since nobody does it better than the SBM crew it makes no sense for me to recreate the wheel. So head on over and read for yourself.

There are a lot of ingredients in 5-Hour Energy besides caffeine, and you should know what they are and why this product has been formulated in this way. For my tastes, I stick with an occasional cup of afternoon Joe – or iced Joe in the summer – and stay away from awful tasting 5-Hour Energy.



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