Do a Bing search for reviews of “The Biggest Loser’s” Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Fat Burner weight loss supplement and you’ll find the results on the first page of Bing agree with the position that this is a product to stay away from.  You’ll find most of these same reviews if your search engine is Google.

Here are links to the seven Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Fat Burner reviews that appear on the first page of Bing when using the search phrase, “Jillian Michaels’ Extreme Fat Burner review.” “Bottom line?

Despite the impressive looking label, this is a caffeine + synephrine blend that is likely potent enough to have you jittering merrily through your day.” “Jillian Michaels EXTREME Maximum Strength Fat Burner contains a fairly average formula.  This product is claimed to target unwanted fat while building lean muscle.  I was unable to find any scientific proof backing their claims on the website.” “Jillian Michaels Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner is a formula that is supposed to give you fat burning results. It uses caffeines to promote a thermogenic result and CLA, which is a natural and caffeine free fat burner. However, they fail to actually use the right amounts, leading to a serious issue with the product. They use enough caffeine to cause serious side effects to be certain. But half the ingredients are not even related to weight loss at all.” “The impressive ingredients on the list are synephrine, coffee bean extract and guarana.  All of the other ingredients included in this product are not ingredients that have any significant effect on the final outcome.  If there is a reason to purchase this product, it would have to be within one of these three ingredients because all of the others at best are supporting ingredients and at worst are just tossed in for appearances.   Coffee bean extract and guarana are both natural sources of caffeine.  Caffeine is easily one of the best ingredients for burning fat because of the thermogenic properties that it has.  In other words, it has the ability to stimulate the body into burning fat.  The presence of caffeine in reasonably large quantities in this pill is encouraging, but on its own is not enough to validate purchasing this product for the high price that it commands.   This analysis leaves synephrine as the last hope for giving this product a positive review.  The synephrine ingredient has long been thought of as a substitute for ephedrine that did not have the same deleterious side effects, but to this date the research has not really validated that point.  There is no reason to believe that synephrine has the same abilities as ephedrine and therefore no reason to believe that this product will do as well as a product that still contains ephedrine. This product will act as a mild stimulant that will make you feel good and energized throughout the day.  However, you can get that same effect from other products that are far cheaper than this one.  It seems to be riding more on the fame and popularity of Jillian Michaels more than anything else.” “Jillian Michaels Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner is supposed to be the ultimate way to burn more fat and increase your weight loss results. They claim it is backed by the personal trainer Jillian Michaels of course, and so it must be impressive. We are not sure if she actually made it or if they just paid her to put her name on it for greater publicity. But it sells out in GNC stores on a fairly regular basis. The problem is that it does not actually have really powerful weight loss ingredients, or the ones it does have are found only in a fraction of the amount they would be required to use. All in all, it would literally be impossible to get results from this formula. If using the right diet and exercise program, you would see results. But it would have nothing to do with this.” “Jillian Michaels Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner relies on the name behind it rather than the actual formula. They don’t have many valid ingredients, and the ones that they do are in extremely small and insufficient amounts, and many of them are simply caffeine based. They don’t provide the results you are actually looking for, and you will experience more side effects than anything else. We would recommend staying far away from this product.” “I was shocked and had trouble understanding how she could put her name and face behind such a crappy fat burner.  It seems like such hypocrisy!  How can she sit on that show and tell people to eat well, train hard, stay focused on their goals and never give up but then turn around and promote a quick fix, weight loss product that is absolute garbage! There is no scientific proof that backs up any of the claims made by Jillian Michaels Extreme Maximum Strength Fat Burner, it’s not recognized by the FDA and many of the ingredients are caffeine based. I don’t know how she can endorse this product but I imagine a lots and lots of money had something to do with it.” Ouch! My bet is that all of this bad press is worth its weight in the cold, hard cash that Jillian Michaels is making off of gullible and trusting consumers.



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