The Kettlebell snatch, one-legged box jump high-intensity superset will improve explosiveness and overall conditioning.

I’m a big fan of high-intensity/low-volume workouts, as this kind of workout is way more efficient and effective than low-intensity/high-volume workouts.  It’s also a lot more athletic and fun. Whether you are a personal trainer or strength coach looking to add something new to your clients’ workout routine or you train on your own, this workout offers many benefits.

There are many different exercises that you can mix and match to use in this format, but I find the Kettlebell snatch/box jump combo to be challenging and effective.  I usually spend a little more time warming up for this kind of workout, using running drills, jump rope and some of my explosive body weight moves before doing warm up snatches and lower height box jumps.

For the actual workout, I do 3-4 work supersets featuring 3 repetitions of the snatch with each arm and 2 box jumps with each leg, in alternating fashion.  Review the video to see how the workout looks.  I take about 20-30 seconds in between the snatches and box jumps and 3-4 minutes in between supersets.

This kind of workout can be performed with two-legged box jumps for more total reps or on a higher box. This explosive lift/plyometric superset workout should only be used by people who have experience with both the snatch and box jumps, and is not suitable for beginners or anyone who cannot properly perform these exercises. 

Consult with a qualified, certified personal trainer or strength coach if you are interested in learning how to properly perform these moves, and push your fitness to the next level.


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