If you want to add some real substance to your training regimen, I highly recommend that you read up on Vern Gambetta’s Leg Circuit Workout.

This is is a sophisticated training program and NOT one of those one-size fits all, quick and easy way to improve your fitness level. The Leg Circuit Workout is not for dilettantes or the feint of heart.

If you are serious about your training, check out Gambetta’s program for yourself on his blog. There is no reason for me to rehash everything Gambetta himself has written about in great detail. However, what I can add to the conversation are some ways in which you can make this program work for you.

Done properly, by the letter of the Vern, the leg circuit workouts are incredibly effective in building a foundation upon which more intense, sophisticated and targeted work can be done. This is not a Men’s Fitness workout that you just jump right in and rip through the first time that you try it, especially if you aren’t fit to begin with.

Athletes at the highest levels have made use of these workouts to improve their physical conditioning and, ultimately, their performance. If it works for them it can work for you, if done correctly.

The major prerequisite for the Leg Circuit Workout is that you squat properly. It matters not if you squat with weight on your back, or how much you squat with, if you can’t perform proper body weight squats, you can’t do this workout. And the same goes for lunges; if you can’t/don’t lunge properly, don’t bother.

So for the sake of brevity, and so I have something to write about, let’s say everyone agrees that they will promise to squat and lunge the right way. When attempting the leg circuit for the first time the goal should be to perform half the repetitions called for per set in the original workout and rest for 60-90 seconds between sets and 2-3 minutes in between circuits.

There is no reason to rush. I think I remember a company using the saying, “You can’t rush perfection” in an advertising campaign. You can’t rush fitness or weight loss or improving performance. Taking the time in the early stages of this kind of high-skill workout to do the exercises properly pays dividends down the road.

Correcting bad habits, bad movements, can take a very long time and will slow down progress. Also, do not rush to get through the program on a week-to-week basis. Remember that this workout is designed for well-trained, well-tuned athletes.

To tell you the truth, this workout is not for everyone. This is a demanding workout – both physically and mentally – and most gym goers won’t be able to handle it. However, if you really want to test yourself and do things the proper way, you should give Vern Gambetta’s Leg Circuit Workout a try.



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