Music and exercise go hand in hand, and while Life Fitness’s new treadmill won’t play an instrument, it will make your workout much more “music-friendly”…

By the end of this year, Life Fitness will start selling an entire line of cardio equipment that will allow users to plug their iPod directly into the machine so that this musical wonder can be controlled from the machine’s console while it’s being charged.  This is great news and will revolutionize the design of cardio equipment, as other manufacturers are sure to follow suit.

Ever since the Walkman came on the scene, gym rats – and I mean that in a good way – have been loathed to be without music for their workouts.  The iPod, with its virtually endless supply of music, video options and small size has given people an unparalleled level of portability and freedom to listen to and watch whatever they want, whenever they want, where ever they want.

This new Life Fitness equipment will take the ease of use of the iPod to a new, even more convenient level.  For as convenient as it can be to use the iPod under most circumstances, there are still some times where their use becomes less than ideal, especially if worn in an armband or belt clip while working out.

With this new line of cardio equipment, no longer will you have to stop your workout to change play lists or to make any other adjustments as the iPod will be controlled from the treadmill’s or elliptical trainer’s console. And no longer will your iPod run out of juice during a workout, as the Life Fitness treadmill will charge the iPod while it is plugged into the machine.

So keep your eyes and ears open for this new line of equipment, or ask your club if they have any plans to invest in Life Fitness’ next generation treadmills and elliptical trainers.


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