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Lipozene Gets a Do Not Buy Recommendation

Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with the Obesity Research Institute over the false and misleading claims made in the marketing several of their products, among them FiberThin and Propolene, 2 weight loss supplements that contained – you guessed it – glucomannan. The ORI was also shilling other weight loss snake oils that contained green tea, chromium and bitter orange that the FTC but the kibosh on. As part of the FTC judgment the principals at the OBI were ordered to pay a $1.5 million consumer redress and had an additional $41 million judgment suspended pending an investigation of their financial status.  More interesting are the details of the settlement “that permanently bars the defendants from making the challenged “Red Flag” claims and unsubstantiated claims for any weight-loss product, dietary supplement, food, drug, or device, or misrepresenting any scientific study for the purposes of marketing a dietary supplement.” It seems that the OBI folks are walking on pretty thin ice with their Lipozene advertising campaign.  If you haven’t seen it, check out one of their ads. Needless to say, Lipozene represents the worst of the worst when it comes to working the system in an attempt to take advantage of gullible consumers.  If you haven’t bought Lipozene, don’t, and if you have you can file a complaint with the FTC.


  1. I bought this product, not worth buying, rip off!! It only makes you more hungry and go to the bathroom more often. I have not noticed a difference in my weight at all, besides me working out and watching what i eat.


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