So, Manny Ramirez allegedly tests positive for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). What a meathead. I’d love to know who his personal trainer is.

This represents sports doping at its worst. I’ve never used, never seen these drugs, but for God’s sake if someone asked me what to do I’d know better. For all of the money, and the privilege opportunity to work with the best and brightest, Manny has obviously worked with the worst and dumbest.

Just a little lowdown on the female hormone that Manny said a doctor gave him for his personal health issue. One word, “crap.” But since one word answers like “crap” make for short careers as successful bloggers, I’ll give you a little more grist.

While HCG influences ovulation in women, it also produces androgens such as testosterone, that nice hormone that makes big strong muscles and helps with recovery.  It also will give a guy erections that are known as “Purple Steel.” Sorry about that, but it’s the truth.

HCG injections – not pills, injections – can increase testosterone levels by as much as 300% over normal. So while HCG is used to help guys on heavy steroids cycles kick start their natural testosterone production, used alone it can raise ”test” levels enough to make a huge difference for an otherwise healthy competitive athlete.

By the way, “natural” bodybuilders use this scam to claim that they are natural.  Since they aren’t injecting testosterone to increase their levels, they can say they are natural because the increase in testosterone levels is not from a direct, external injection of testosterone, but from a naturally occurring substance that stimulates testosterone production. 

You can never believe bodybuilders.

I’ll be on XM channel142, Fox Sports Radio, Friday morning May 8 at around 8:30AM on the Steve Czaban Show, Fox’s national morning sports talk show. The show repeats and the segment will be replayed at around 2:30PM. Check in with the show if you can.


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