So let me get this straight. The old Food and Drug Administration Food Pyramid was confusing, and over the time it was in effect obesity rates (allegedly) increased, but the new MyPlate program will help people improve their eating habits? Who really believes this pap?

All the rah rah stories I’ve read with quotes from all kinds of experts singing the praise of this new graphic had me scratching my head. Frankly, I’m baffled how anyone thinks MyPlate is an improvement. The FDA provided quite specific information from the the old food pyramid (in all its iterations) and myriad other government nutritional programs; MyPlate looks like a pie chart you might find in an edition of USA Today. How is this going to help people?

Remember, the government has had a monopoly with the US Postal Service for over 170-years and still can’t figure out how to mail letters and make a profit. But somehow some people think the government has the ability to “fix” this obesity problem, a problem that has exploded despite the government’s efforts to prevent it.

Actually, it is insulting to hear all the applause for this silly graphic plate. The FDA and the government should stop wasting our time and money.

And another thing, what’s with the lame rip-off of MySpace? MyPlate? Why not PlateBook? Or how about Platter? This is the perfect example of how government cannot be “cool.” It is “the establishment.” I don’t care who is in power. It doesn’t matter which party or what their philosophy is. It matters not if they have a great fashion style or cutting edge taste in music. Government isn’t cool. And it isn’t particularly smart, either.

Government is spectacularly bad at telling people what to eat or drink or smoke. The question shouldn’t be when will government finally succeed at this Sisyphusian task, but rather when will they resort to using their muscle and flat-out ban foods. The day will come when specific foods will be outlawed; sugar, salt, fat, red meat are all in the crosshairs. If you pay attention to the nutritional news it’s hard not to see the day when our favorite foods will be taken away from us.

But back to MyPlate. Here’s what all of the hoopla is all about, nutritional advice gems like these;

●Balancing Calories
●Enjoy your food, but eat less.
●Avoid oversized portions. Foods to Increase
●Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
●Make at least half your grains whole grains.
●Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.

Oh, please. MyPlate is vague, will confuse people and certainly will not make a dent in the obesity problem is supposedly addresses.


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