A government task force has just released a position on mammograms that contradicts long standing procedures and runs counter to the recommendations of the American Cancer Society.

According to the findings of this task force women don’t need to bother with mammograms until they are 50, and only need to get one every 2 years instead of annually.  Furthermore, these new recommendations state that early detection and self-examinations are basically useless.

The timing of the announcement of the findings of U.S. Preventative Task Force is suspicious given the attempt by the current administration to give government unprecedented control over American’s health care.   With recommendations like this coming from a government task force, how long will it be before mammograms are rationed and women will have to start paying for them out of pocket, regardless of their insurance status?

For now women still have the right to choose, but in the near future it’s very possible that women will lose this freedom of choice.  And now that the government has said mammograms are less-than-necessary, how long before we find out the same thing about colonoscopies and other vital screening techniques?

Mammograms and flu shots have now been politicized, which means that nothing is safe.  The meddlesome hands of the government – a government that can’t efficiently deliver mail, welfare benefits, or account for jobs created or saved by the so-called stimulus package – is now going to tell us what medical tests are effective and necessary.  

Pay attention to this story, and other stories like it that may appear over the coming weeks and months, to see just how intrusive the government plans to be when it comes to our health care. Regardless of your politics, government involvement in health care is bad for your health.


  1. once again, i couldn’t have said it better. better get all those tests done sooner rather than later.
    thanks for the great info on this site.


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