When the weather gets nice I try to do as many of my workouts outdoors as possible.  Check out this video where I incorporate PVC pipes, weighted with water and stone, into my calisthenics warm-up.

These exercises can be used as a warm-up or as an entire workout and provide a unique training stimulus beneficial to people of all fitness levels.  People have been using weighted PVC pipes as training implements for a while and I wanted to find out for myself what it felt like to use them.

In this video you will see two basic PVC pipes but check back regularly as I will provide more clips that utilize different sized pipes. It’s really very easy and inexpensive to make this home-made exercise equipment.

All you need is PVC pipes of various sizes and the appropriate caps, primer, PVC pipe adhesive and a hack saw – just as if you were doing some plumbing work.

A scale will help, as you can load the pipes with the exact amount of weight that you want. Cap and seal one end of the pipe and then load it with stone and water to the appropriate level.  If you can, place the pipe on a scale as you fill it with water and you don’t want to fill the pipe all the way, as this prevents the water from sloshing around.

Depending on the circumference of the pipe you should fill from half-way to three-quarters with water before adding the stone. Drop me an email if you have any questions about how to put these babies together as I am glad to spread the word about the benefits of homemade exercise equipment.



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