The Phiten Company claims their titanium-laced necklaces and bracelets can relieve stress and tension while improving a person’s energy levels.  I can’t speak for the healing benefits of the Phiten line and this isn’t a fitness tip but a fashion tip; the Phiten stuff looks good.

If you watch a lot of sports you’ve probably seen the Phiten necklaces being worn by athletes, probably baseball players.  These necklaces aren’t the typical bling that’s favored by some modern day jocks, Phiten-wear isn’t all shiny and bright, isn’t gold or silver or platinum. 

Actually, I didn’t even know there was titanium in the Phiten until I ordered the necklaces. The titanium lies deep inside the Phiten bracelets and necklaces where it supposedly does it thing and helps you de-stress and gives you more energy.  Whatever. 

Frankly, I don’t believe that the Phiten products can do anything other than look good.  So if by chance the titanium in the Phitan products really does make me feel better and do all of that “improve your Chi stuff,” than that’s just gravy.

The Phiten products are made through a process in which “titanium nano-particles are uniquely manufactured into various materials creating a stabilizing field in true with your body’s natural increasing energy capacity and enhancing function.” 

Okay…did I mention that the Phiten stuff looks great? 

The Phiten necklaces, which look like thick colorful shoelaces, come in a variety of colors and lengths that are suitable for both guys and girls. If you go to the testimonials page on the Phiten web site, you’ll see that Arizona Diamondback pitcher Randy Johnson and PGA Tour superstar Ernie Els endorse these titanium-infused products and swear that these necklaces and bracelets help them to relax. 

And they look pretty cool, too.

So check out the Phiten line of products.  I’m not endorsing the Phiten line for its putative healing/relaxing properties, but because I think that they look cool. 

This is a fashion tip and not a fitness tip.



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