1. Sounds like you aren’t worried about adding a few grams of fat there — which is consistent with your “anti disordered eating” ethos (if I may coin a phrase), something you’ve talked about often. We triathletes want to stay light, and so I am inclined to skip the butter and cheese — what do you think? Is that “disordered”? (Don’t worry, I usually indulge in homemade fettucine alfredo after a race, and catch up on all that butter and cheese. Wow does that ever taste great!)

  2. first of all, i want to thank you for being a regular reader and contributor. i always appreciate your well-written and thought out comments. so thanks…
    with regard to your aversion to butter and cheese, that is classic disordered eating speak according to the experts. a little dab won’t kill ya if you like it.
    what i will say is that if you don’t regularly use butter – i really don’t – the smallest bit in this recipe really tastes great.

  3. the 3 eggs are not a good mix. especially if you are not removing the yoke. after 2 eggs a person with a 2,000 calorie diet has already passed the daily limit for cholesterol. so hopefully this is not a daily, or even weekly eating habit.

  4. thanks for providing a great example of what disordered eating is and the misconception dealing with dietary cholesterol!
    and your math is as fatally flawed as your premise as three eggs would equal 108 mg of cholesterol which would be about 35% of the 2000 calories.
    it’s amazing how misinformed people are when it comes to diet and nutrition.

  5. As my great grandmother used to say as she enjoyed her evening whiskey – “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”
    She died at 96 – hale and hearty – of a stroke that took her out in seconds – having existed on a diet that would send any food faddist shrieking from the room in horror!


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