1. I am just starting back in the gym after a ridiculously long hiatus, I have never used straps, but I have always felt that the shrug works well in developing your Traps. I understand that there are other muscles involved in the lift, but if there are better exercises for isolating the traps I’d love to hear some recommendations.
    The post was good, I would just suggest that when you point out a problem, offer up some alternative solutions.

    • Here’s an excerpt from the item that does what you suggest.
      “Perform explosive, compound movements such as power shrugs, high pulls and hang cleans – without using wrist straps – to maximize your training, while developing all the aforementioned muscles, and other muscles as well. Linking the shoulder and the hip in training, not isolating body parts/muscles, allows you to get the most out of your training. Performing proper dead lifts, without straps, will also do more to develop the muscles discussed more efficiently than shrugs.”

  2. Deadlifts are my favorite way to work my forearms. I find that wrist curls are as tedious and unrewarding as you believe shoulder shrugs to be. If anything, I’ll do reverse barbell curls to work the top of my forearm in addition to deadlifts since I am getting a bicep workout in at the same time. As for the bottom of my forearm, I find that curls get the job done just fine.

  3. Some people may have injured their lower back doing compound exercises like cleans or high pulls so shoulder shrugs are all they can do for traps. Secondly if you want to use a lot of weight straps are a great tool. Just relax there.


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