Right Size Weight Loss Smoothies advertise that thanks to the ingredient appemine people can quickly and easily lose weight by drinking two smoothies per day. In the year 2010 nobody should be impressed but, sadly, people still buy this nonsense.

Calorie restriction results in weight loss, so substituting two low-calorie smoothies for two regular meals is most likely going to result in a caloric deficit significant enough to result in weight loss in a relatively short period of time. There is no big mystery here.

Right Size Smoothies supposedly contain an ingredient that suppresses appetite. The reality is that most effective appetite suppressants are available by prescription only, or are lower-dose over-the-counter options of prescription medication, and the vast majority of OTC appetite suppressants just don’t work. Appemine is just more weight-loss nonsense.

The active ingredient in Right Size Smoothies- appemine – is basically green tea extract. Green tea extract is basically a stimulant that also has some anti-oxidant properties and is supposed to boost energy and burn fat…yadda, yadda, yadda.

The Right Size web site does not provide any valid, legitimate research to support claims of appemine’s efficacy. As is the case with any stimulant-based weight loss/fat loss/energy supplement, there’s the possibility of adverse affects from taking too much or from piggy backing this supplement with your usual intake of caffeine.

So you really shouldn’t have three or four cups of coffee and then drink an appemine-laden smoothy, because you’re liable to suffer from a variety of unpleasant side-effects. The Right Size web site provides all the de rigueur hype but none of the rigorous science to support the claims made about appemine.

What the site has is pseudo-science, jargon and a lot of puffery. And we also get the head of the company telling us how great his product is…Fail.

So to recap, there’s no legit clinical proof to support claims about appemine, including any info that controlled, standardized test have ever been performed, and there’s really nothing unique about Right Size’s active ingredients to justify its purchase.

Actually, you can purchase green tea in many of its forms, as well as the other Right Size Smoothies ingredients, in most health food stores and via the Internet at a fraction of the cost. The Right Size Diet/Weight Loss Smoothies program is just another example of snake oil, and as a result gets a Do Not Buy recommendation.



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