Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have created a Super Mouse that can run faster and longer, lives longer, eats more, weighs less and can have sex into old age and use fatty acids as a source of energy.  Despite statements that this research wasn’t done to improve human performance, ultimately you can bet that a tremendous effort will be made to apply this feat genetic engineering to athletes.

Richard Hansen, a professor of biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, announced to the world that he and his crew have created a breed of Super Mice that can run 4 miles at speeds of 20 yards per minute for up to 6 hours without stopping for food, drink or rest.  These scientists have bred 500 of these mice by altering a specific gene that affects metabolism – a gene that mice and men share – and say that their strength is due to the fact that they produce very little lactic acid.

As with all revolutionary findings that deal with improving – or even potentially improving – human performance, the science responsible for these findings is secondary to the results.  The folks who are always looking to find how to apply the latest lab findings to the real world in the hopes of producing people who can run faster and longer, jump higher and lift more weights, will immediately get to work to find a way to make the Super Mice Serum work for men and women.

Ethics and safety don’t matter.  They never had and never will.  Legit scientists are bound by the constraints of ethics, responsibility and safety, but the underground scientist don’t concern themselves with such things.

If you think I’m crazy, just remember that a little over 20 years ago people were harvesting human growth hormone from the pituitary glands of cadavers, and other people were injecting this stuff into their bodies so that they could be bigger, faster stronger.

Genetic engineering represents the next generation of performance-enhancing drugs.  Actually, genetic engineering will make these drugs obsolete.  Steroids, HGH and some of the more advanced growth hormone catalysts that are floating around are prehistoric when compared to genetic engineering.

Performance-enhancing drugs and therapies are not going to go away.  As science progresses people will continue to search for and develop new, unique and more complex methods of improving human performance.  Super Mice today, Super Men and Women tomorrow.


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