Should I buy herbal testosterone supplements?

I hear that question on a regular basis from young guys and adults. The short answer is, “Hell no!”

These herbal remedies are just a not-so-sophisticated way of separating people from their hard earned cash, and in this economy nobody can afford to throw their money away.

Herbal supplements in general have suspect pedigrees, but none are more suspect today than these so-called testosterone boosters. Despite the grandiose claims made by supplement hucksters, there really isn’t any legitimate science-based support for the use of herbal supplements for increasing testosterone levels.

As a matter of fact, the science-based support for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is far from a slam dunk, with the exception of helping to improve libido.

The ads for herbal testosterone boosters (and even for legitimate testosterone therapy) border on the irresponsible with regard to the claims made about what the supplements can do, and these ads provide a list of vague symptoms as being caused by low testosterone. Weak.

The science these marketers employ to support the use of their products is even weaker.

Don’t fall prey to these hucksters. The endocrine system is complex and taking an over-the-counter herbal supplement to improve testosterone levels is ridiculous and a waste of time.


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