This is one of the more unorthodox fitness tips that you’ll get anywhere, but sledgehammer training is one of the best things that you can do.  Whether you’re a personal trainer, work with a trainer or workout by yourself, swinging a sledgehammer is an effective way to train.  If you’re a little intimidated by the whole thing, here’s a sledgehammer training video clip that will show you what this thing looks like.

This is my first foray into the whole webcam/YouTube thing, so forgive me for the lack of sound on the clip. But to be honest with you, you aren’t missing a whole lot given my very regional sounding Jersey dialect.  And in the future you’ll hear enough of my voice anyway.  The only thing that I wish you could hear is the sound of the sledge hitting the log…next time.

The point of this is two-fold; I wanted to try to post a video and I wanted to give people a quick glimpse of what sledgehammer training looks like.  Which is basically what I’m saying during the first few moments of the clip.

Here’s what someone working out with a 10-pound sledgehammer looks like.

When you watch the clip there’s a few things that you should take particular note of.  Obviously, it’s important to use proper form when you’re swinging the sledgehammer and good technique starts with the feet.  So make sure that your feet are even and facing the log, get good torso rotation and bring the sledge around to the outside of the body and back down directly overhead on the path to contact.

I sacrifice some speed in order to work in a full range of motion and use a big, sweeping motion rather than a short, chopping motion.  Ultimately, I always vote for the exercise that offers the fullest range of motion.  Here’s another important tip; don’t squeeze the handle too tightly because you have to slide the top hand down as you complete the swing.  The palm of your top hand will burn from the friction and if will feel as if you have flame directly on it if you don’t loosen your grip a bit.

Last but certainly not least is the pace.  The pace of the swing in the clip is the pace that you should strive for during your workouts, and while I completed 40 swings in about a minute and a half, the goal should be to keep this pace for at least 4-minutes.  Beginners should think about staring off with an 8-pound sledge until they can control the sledgehammer and maintain this pace.

Sledgehammer training is a great way to workout so check out the clip and take the first step to actually trying it out.



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