A weighted vest is a simple but effective way to increase the difficulty of your workouts.  Wear a weighted vest during a sledgehammer training session and feel the difference 20-pounds can make.

A weighted vest is a great way to make a standard workout more difficult, combine sledgehammer training with a weighted vest and you’ll see and feel this for yourself.  This past weekend I enjoyed the great outdoors and Velcro-ed on my 20-pound weighted vest as I embarked on a 30-minute, 500 swing workout.

I performed three sets of 100 swings with the 10-pound sledgehammer, one set of 80 swings, and two sets of 60 swings with the 20-pound sledgehammer.  The sets took me between 2-3 minutes to complete and I rested for 2-minutes in between each set, making up a total workout time of just a hair under 30-minutes.  The addition of the weighted vest makes the workout more difficult than you would think as the added pounds have the effect of slowing you down even though this effect isn’t obvious.
The weighted vest has the effect of making work more difficult regardless of the activity.  With calisthenics, running, sprinting and agility drills, and even strength training, the weighted vest increases the degree of difficulty and provides a great stimulus for improving fitness.

A weighted vest is a great investment, as this training accessory is incredibly versatile and can be used to make just about every possible kind of workout more difficult, and as a result more effective.  My advice is to purchase a weighted vest that allows you to add and remove weight as the situation dictates.  A good rule of thumb to follow is that for any kind of running or agility drills do not use a weighted vest that is 10% heavier than your body weight.  For other kinds of activity like calisthenics or strength training, you can go heavier as your level of fitness allows.

There are many kinds of weighted vests to choose from and people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes can find a vest that’s right for them.  Buy a weighted vest and start to enjoy the conditioning benefits that they have to offer.


  1. good vests start at about $100 and get more expensive as the vests get heavier. click on the MiR vest add above and you’ll find that they have a wide selection of comfortable vests.

  2. Hey thanks for the informative post. I have been using a weighted vest myself and I have found the resuluts to be really worth the investment.


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