Wow. I thought Twitter was filled with diet and fitness garbage, which it is. But it’s nothing compared to the behemothic fitness dumpster that is Pinterest. I’d been out of the social media loop until recently and when I checked back in I was amazed at the constant flow of fitness crap on Twitter. It is as if the Twitter fitness people are stuck in a time warp. Leg warmers and headbands anyone? The other day I started digging into Pinterest because my wife is a big Pinner, and I gotta tell you I was shocked at the utter paucity of responsible diet and fitness info. Utter paucity, I say.  

From what I see on Pinterest you would think humans exist on all fours, kneeling or crawling around. Since we, as humans, walk around upright you would think there would be “Pins” featuring exercises with people standing up. Not so much. Clearly, yoga cures everything and will melt away love handles and jiggly arms, and give you the perfect butt and a flat stomach just by doing these (fill in the number) simple moves. Oh, and yoga will get rid of back fat, too. I didn’t realize that overhead tricep extensions also cured jiggly arms.

Whoever discovered this should be awarded the Nobel Prize. There are inner thigh exercises, outer thigh exercises and I would presume mid-thigh exercises. However, I cannot figure out why there are no upper and lower thigh exercises. Or maybe I haven’t dug deeply enough into the Pins to find them. With so many ways to get flat abs fast I’m amazed anyone is walking around with a belly. It’s amazing how much “made up” stuff makes up the fitness content on Pinterest. Sadly, most of it is by women, for women, and does nothing to improve a woman’s – or anyone’s – understanding of what it means to be truly fit and happy with their body. All of the greeting card sentiments via the hollow motivational bromides that Pinterest and its “Pinners” offer up doesn’t make up for the terrible messages being given to women. The horrible fitness information isn’t good, either.


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